The Secret of Discovering your true Purpose

Hosted by Alexander McDonell and Maggie Sarfo

15th November 2023 | 🕢 7:30 pm Portugal time/GMT

Discover the profound essence of centring and awakening to lead a life enveloped in grace, abundance, and purpose. Embrace a transformative journey with Alexander McDonell and Maggie Sarfo, focusing on your power center, the essence of success, and unlocking your greatest self.

You'll experience Actionable Insights

Uncover your authentic self with the "Awakening to Purpose" workshop, guiding you through centring methodologies to discover your power center, transform relationships, manifest dreams, and elevate your path to success and abundance effortlessly. Receive actionable insights and tools to deal with your challenges and activate your purpose.

Introduction to Centring

Understand the core of centring theory and its pivotal role in awakening to purpose.

Purpose and Motivation

Unlock what motivates you and aligns with your deepest values and desires.

Activating Visualization

Participate in exercises to activate your body or visualization meditations, outlining your future aspirations.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Engage with Alexander and Maggie to address challenges and deepen your understanding.

Who is This For?

  • Soul Seekers: Those on a journey to find their true selves and their purpose in this lifetime.
  • Transitioners: Individuals looking to change career paths or elevate their business to the next level.
  • Visionaries: Individuals eager to create wealth and successful projects in joy, ease, and connection.
  • Art and Music Enthusiasts: Those longing to uncover their natural artistic talent through centring methodologies.
  • Community Transformers: Those who aspire to be a source of authentic positivity transforming themselves and others around them.

Meet our Trainers

Alexander McDonell.

Spiritual Development Coach / Mentor

Alexander is a workshop trainer and spiritual guide specializing in Oneness and consciousness. From meditating at 4, he has deeply explored spirituality and consciousness, utilizing his insights to resolve issues in business, politics, and relationships. A talented musician, Alexander expresses his spiritual experiences through music and offers transformative facilitation and life coaching, focusing on harnessing individual strengths and authenticity to make a positive impact. Join him to explore limitless consciousness in our upcoming mini-workshop.

Maggie Sarfo. CEO Meres Consulting

Business & Personal Growth Advisor

Maggie Sarfo is an internationally known author, speaker, advisor, and mentor with over 18 years in leadership and transformation, serving a diverse clientele including Gartner and WPP. As CEO of Meres Consult Ltd, she specializes in fostering growth and success in individuals and businesses, focusing on purpose and mission development. Maggie's approach ensures the majority of her clients excel or transition joyfully in their roles and businesses, delivering impactful insights globally from her base in London, UK.

Join Us on the Awakening to Purpose Journey!

Embark on a transformative journey and uncover your ultimate potential. Develop a profound understanding of your purpose and power center and reshape your attitude towards success and abundance.