Guidance on the Spiritual Journey

The world these days is full of well meaning advice about spiritual awakening, and gurus are all over the place.  We try not to give you yet another piece of advice, but rather ways of making sense of the complicated picture that you might get trying to listen to all of the conflicting ideas out there.  We aim to put your journey into context.

Also, in the end we each have to find our own way to self discovery, so as much as possible we aim to give techniques and methods that allow you to find your own way.

At the same time we are very strongly aware of the different depths to which spirituality can be taken, and we try to bring a way of transformation that can take people all the way from where they are to the deepest aspects of enlightenment.

Discover the profound ocean of sweetness on the other side of love.

Our main teacher, Alexander McDonell

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A guide to finding your own way into spiritual growth through awareness and self exploration.

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