Regenerative Oneness Principles

Beyond sustainability is Regeneration, and this is created by coming into harmony with ourselves, each other and the world around us, coming into Oneness. These are the Principles to move beyond sustainability into a truly regenerative world.

Oneness and Integrative Spirituality – Spiritual awakening and upliftment, experiencing the connectedness of all things, and acknowledging and working with all aspects of our beings.

Holistic Wellbeing – Healing, happiness, health – Body, Mind and Spirit

Community – Building strong communities and Cultures

Sharing – equitable distribution of resources, local economy

Collaboration – Collaborative approaches in Business, moving away from competition.

Cooperative Governance – Cooperative businesses and democratic companies, worker shareholding

In Harmony with nature – sustainable and regenerative, land, water, sustainable food and structures etc.

Enlightened Leadership – leadership through support rather than control, learning to become better leaders through personal development, Facilitation

Holarchic structures that respect each level of organisation, and create coordinated cooperation rather than subordinated cooperation.

Maximum Utilisation of all potentialities – physical, mental, and beyond.