GaiaThrive Team Membership


Unlock your potential with GaiaThrive’s Team Membership. Master wealth creation, align your passion with financial goals, gain leadership experience, and connect with a vibrant entrepreneurial community. Elevate your journey towards success with us.


Join the GaiaThrive Team Membership and embark on a transformative journey towards wealth mastery, leadership development, and entrepreneurial success. Our unique program equips you with tools to create an abundant flow of value and money, no matter the market conditions. You’ll learn how to align your passion with your financial goals, ensuring personal fulfillment along with financial growth. As a Team Member, you’ll gain hands-on experience running a social enterprise, connecting with a global network of like-minded professionals, and accessing leadership roles for holistic development. Our approach is rooted in the 5 dimensions of well-being, demonstrating our commitment to your all-round growth. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a social enterprise leader, or someone passionate about personal development, our Team Membership is tailored to help you thrive.

This is a recurring subscription for $5/month or $50/year.


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