Our Team

Jean-Gardner Singleton

Helping forward-thinking wellness organisations contribute to healthy, sustainable cities and communities through proven, data-driven solutions

Jean-Gardner loves the interconnectedness of all things, and understanding the systems that underly all of life and our reality, from Acupuncture meridians to Business flow states, to environmental sustainability frameworks, Jean-Gardner explores, collects and collates all the best of the systems that can be used to transform our lives and our world.

Jean-Gardner is our systems engineer, and leader of the Gaia Thrive Consulting Project.

Alexander McDonell

Alexander lives and breathes oneness. He loves to express and explore oneness in all aspects of life, from traditional music to martial arts, to community building and the spiritual traditions of the world. He says that oneness is the key that unlocks all doors. He likes to play violin, and guitar, and has been known to talk a lot about his ideas. (In many cases what he says is quite interesting.)

Alexander is our Visionary leader, and focuses on the human potential, and spiritual sides of our work.

David Reid

Esoteric Christian, musician and hypnotist with an interest in cryptocurrency, taijiquan and cosmology

David Reid is deeply philosophical and loves to explore the spiritual traditions of the world in a practical gnostic way as well as in a theoretical philosophical way. He is sharing his wisdom through his project ‘Light of the Hidden One’ – deep esoteric wisdom through the window of Christianity.