We dream of creating communities in complete harmony, and the process has begun

Every street and every neighbourhood, and every town should be a beautiful harmonious community, and one day we will make it so, but in the meantime we have the need of small demonstration communities that can point us the way towards harmony and unity.

Quinta da Carva - our beginning in this work.

A Demonstration Community based on the principles of Oneness, located in central Portugal.

Spiritual Celebrations and Events

A Calendar of celebrations throughout the year

  • Daily meditations
  • Weekly Dinner celebrations eg shabbat dinner and meditation
  • Monthly Gatherings - Full moon Parties, circle dancing etc
  • Quarterly retreats
  • Annual Festival
  • Activities include

    • Shabat Dinners
    • Meditations
    • Circle Dances
    • Singing Circles
    • Theatre Games
    • Philosophy
    • Yoga and Taichi

    Practical Spiritual Education

    • Martial Arts (Aikido/Taichi)
    • Permaculture
    • Conscious Business
    • Healing techniques
    • Training Courses for Spiritual Teachers
      • Yoga teacher training
      • Other traditions
    photography of inside black structure

    Oneness in Many Forms

    Different spiritual traditions will be represented each in its deepest form based on oneness - 

    • Christianity
    • Judaism
    • Yoga
    • Buddhism
    • Taoism
    • And others…

    Culture and Community Etc.

    • Community Development outreach for the local region
    • Musical and Theatrical Performances
    • Artistic creations
    • Dance parties and events
    • Artist in residence programs
      • Sculpture
      • Writing
      • Meditating with animals

    The People

    A community of people dedicated to Oneness, and to demonstrating how we can live in harmony with nature, ourselves, and each other.  We aim to develop our own holistic potentialities, physical, mental and spiritual, and specifically work on the experience of oneness, and its expression in the world.

    Some of the residents would be workers in the project - Gardeners, Secretaries, Organisers, Teachers etc.  Others might come as students, or as community members with their own jobs and life arrangements.

    Physical Structures

    Currently (2022) we have a 10ha farm with one large house.  We are in the process of buying and registering this house and property, and developing it into a place that can host these visions.

    We are developing the infrastructure:

    • Campsites
    • Toilet shower and cooking facilities for campers
    • Gathering places
    • Improved road access and parking
    • Fencing for animals


    We envisage houses that nestle into nature, and harmonise with the world around us.  These may be stone houses in the traditional Portuguese style, or more creative and alternative forms such as earthships and domes.  The focus is on beauty and livability, and we would encourage others to come and join us and design and construct their own homes with that vision in mind.

    There are some old stone ruins in neighbouring properties that we are considering acquiring, or coming to an arrangement with so that they can be part of the community too.


    We would like to start a school (at least high school and possibly primary school) based on Steiner or similar principles.  It would probably begin as a homeschooling group arrangement, and then grow over time into something more formal.