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There's a much better alternative to Meetings.

Social change organizations strive to create positive change, yet often face challenges working collaboratively and efficiently. Teams can become misaligned, communication breaks down, and progress stalls.

Skilled facilitators provide immense value by leveraging their expertise to bring teams together, drive innovation, and problem-solve. Top facilitators design sessions that boost strategic planning, decision making, and process improvements. With their neutral third-party perspective, facilitators enhance trust, cohesion, and conflict resolution within teams.

This is how GaiaThrive professional collaboration facilitators add immense value.

With expertise in group dynamics, workshop design, and facilitation techniques, we guide teams through reflective exercises, engaging discussions, and practical frameworks. Our techniques ensure meetings and workshops are productive, collaborative, and enjoyable.

As facilitators, we also provide training to equip team members with facilitation skills themselves. In essence, workshop facilitators unlock the potential of social impact teams, enhancing their ability to develop ideas, solve complex issues, and fulfill their missions. Their services lead to improved teamwork, communication and outcomes in the social good space.

The Problem:

Social impact teams often face misalignment, poor communication, stalled progress, and lack of collaboration. Their meetings and group efforts become inefficient and unproductive. As a result, they struggle to innovatively solve complex social issues, make decisions, and fulfill their missions.

The Solution:

As leading workshop facilitators in the social enterprise space, we boost strategic planning, innovation, problem-solving, and process improvements through well-designed sessions. Our expertise in group dynamics and neutral perspective enhances team cohesion, trust, and conflict resolution. As group facilitators, we unlock social impact teams' potential, improving their collaboration, communication, and ability to create positive change.

Why Choose Us:

Expertise and Credibility

As certified facilitators, we have deep expertise in group dynamics, collaboration, and workshop design. This provides credibility and assurance that clients are getting top-quality services.

Customized Approach

We tailor our facilitation approach and workshop design to each client's unique needs and goals. We don't rely on a "one-size-fits-all" model and your collaboration workshop will be unique.

Latest Methods

As certified facilitators, we stay on top of the latest collaborative methods and group facilitation techniques to incorporate into our workshops. Clients get access to cutting-edge and evergreen approaches.

Ongoing Support

Our work doesn't end after a workshop. We provide ongoing group and personalized coaching and leadership support to help reinforce the outcomes and learnings from sessions.

External Perspective

We provide an objective, outside perspective as third-party facilitators. This allows us to see team dynamics and challenges more clearly than someone internal.


We are flexible in our scheduling and can adapt workshop formats (in-person, virtual, hybrid) based on client needs. This provides convenience and accessibility.

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