Gaia Thrive Success Club

A vision based on lessons learned through The Phoenix Pond Community

We all need guidance and community
to achieve our potential.

There is a lot of nonsense spoken about success, and it is very difficult for people to find guidance that can truly help them to achieve their goals and their potential.  I am not talking about just success in making money - materialistic success, but the holistic success of making your life into something meaningful, making a difference, and finding joy - whatever life goals you have then how can these be achieved?

Why is it so difficult to find the guidance we need?

Because the keys are not the same for everyone, and knowing what techniques will work for you is not so easy, but with a little understanding of psychology we can fairly easily create a club that helps everyone to find the keys to success that they need.

Now you can get a personalised path to discover
your unique leadership potential

What we do is to analyse your personality type, and find where your power centre is, and then invite you to a meetup of people who are similar to you, with a small amount of guidance and facilitation, and leadership from others who have been through the same challenges you face, you can quickly find yourself and strengthen your abilities to love what you do, find meaning and effectiveness and increase your impact in the world.

Activate your conscious entrepreneur DNA 

Discover your success profile, and how you can be the best you can be, strengthen your connections and support, and make your mark on the world.  Join the Success Club, and let us strengthen one another.

Local and International Success Clubs

We will have an international online success club, and we will work towards having local chapters spread all over the world so that people can all find themselves in the best and deepest possible way.


Each profile group will need its own leader or mentor who is someone of that profile type, and can give a little guidance and support to the group.  Others may come in as guest facilitators and speakers, but primarily each group will run itself.


Although we may choose to advertise directly - most of our promotion should be done by encouraging people to invite their friends to join our success club community.  If we are providing good service then it will be easy to grow.  Therefore we focus primarily on providing good service.


There will be different membership levels with different options for life coaching (personal and group), with a basic membership that is free of charge or by donation so that everyone will have access to the support and connections necessary to move forward in life.