Martial Arts with a Mission

Aikido is a brilliant development of martial arts demonstrating the power of universal harmony to resolve conflicts and spread peace.  We wish to take this further and use aikido principles to spread peace in our hearts, in our lives and relationships and in the world around us.

We teach Aikido in a very engaging, easy to learn way focusing on self discovery and natural movement combined with the formal movements of aikido, and we also include techniques from other internal martial arts to expand and complete the education system including karate, wingchun, taichi, and judo.  This teaching method also enables the aikido principles to be more easily applied in the early stages of learning than with traditional aikido that takes years to feel any real confidence in.

As people get deeper into their aikido practice at the higher grades the training becomes more and more about how to apply these principles in your life and how to make a difference through your work in the world, we believe that through studying the principles of aikido we can make a more peaceful, harmonious, cooperative world.