In this solutions-focused group, we explore and collaborate to prepare for the coming tsunami of exponential tech advancements. 

Over the next decade, waves of exponential tech advancements will stack on top of one another, exponentially compounding their effect and precipitate decades of breakthroughs in scale and impact.
Conscious entrepreneurship adopts the perspectives of Co-Active Leadership, the awareness-based systems change of The Presencing Institute (Otto Scharmer et al.) and other approaches:

"At its most basic, Co-Active Leadership means simply being in action, together. Or perhaps it might be more appropriate to say being together, in action." -- Pachamama Alliance
Because the world is changing so rapidly, in order to stay resilient as entrepreneurs and leaders, we need to be continuously leading from our emerging future. You can see this pattern in nature as species create greater variation and complexity through natural regenerative processes. In humans, we can tap into our emerging wisdom via specific processes that reveal our core essence and how it wants to unfold.

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