We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims.

― Buckminster Fuller

Gardner is a futurist and bridge-builder who loves the interconnectedness of all things. He combines research with the praxis of systems that underly all of life and our reality, from Acupuncture meridians to business Flow states, to environmental sustainability frameworks. He explores, collects and collates all the best of the systems that can be used to transform our lives and our world. Gardner is a pioneer at the forefront of sustainable and resilient development, harnessing the power of business intelligence to fuel innovations in local food systems, embrace the circular economy, and implement nature-based solutions. 

Regenerative Systems Approach

For the last 28 years my work has focused on exploring the intersection of personalised healing and Permaculture design. My perspective as a nature intuitive on four continents and clinical healer for thousands of patients has allowed a diverse and systematised range of experiences to draw upon.

The result is a living systems approach to creating regenerative solutions that improve well-being individually and collectively through a process I call Co-emergence.

Co-emergence expands the opportunity to develop regenerative systems for all other aspects of the world.

Now my work involves the research, creation, design, management and teaching appropriate solutions across the holistic-living and social change spectrum, with a focus on urban green spaces and community food systems.