About Us

Coming Together for Regeneration Through Social Change


United we thrive, divided we fall

The Gaia Thrive community is devoted to bring ourselves as a global society into harmony.  In harmony with ourselves, each other, nature, and the Cosmos.

We believe in a global awakening to consciousness and conscious action.

When all people live their full potential then we can transform all our problems and learn to live together as one.

  • Imagine a world where instead of isolation we have community and connection;
  • Instead of stressful meaningless jobs, we have fulLlling meaningful contribution;
  • Instead of a concrete jungle, we have beautiful green cities;
  • Instead of Governments based on mandates and control, we have leadership based on support and encouragement.

It is a dream that we all share, and if we unite and work together at our full potential then it is achievable. This is why we have created the Gaia Thrive Community.


A cooperative community

Gaia Thrive is a cooperative community of support and expertise to help each person achieve their full potential, so that individually and collectively we can all make a difference in the world. We are conscious entrepreneurs and truth seekers united around the idea to transform our lives, businesses and communities for the benefit of people and the planet.

We are healers, social entrepreneurs, academics, conscious marketers, spiritual leaders, creative changemakers, professionals, social impact investors, foundations, and accelerators, and so much more. When we each support each other then wonders can be achieved.

Those who join the Gaia Thrive community come together to support each other, and to receive help in their mission.

Some people are focused on building small businesses in service to their community; some on creating enormous transformative Charity organisations; some become experts in their field in order to help others as much as they can whether it is through teaching, or healing, gardening or building, enterprise or economics, environmental advocacy, or saving the whales.

Each of us do our part and together we create the world of which we dream.


Gaia Thrive provides holistic and regenerative forms of personal, business and leadership development.

We connect all those who want to see a better world by facilitating strategic collaborations that utilise our talents and resources to achieve our collective visions and earn a good living.

We support and develop harmonious solutions to all our global, and personal challenges.

Our support of the UN 17 SDGs extends through conscious leadership coaching, trainings, workshops and membership.

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We grow together

So if you have a dream, if you would like to be part of the movement — if you would like to receive support in making your dream happen, then click the button and tell us about your Passions, your Skills and your Dreams.