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Do we really need to work on our weaknesses?  To build up those areas that we are bad at?  Is this what it takes to be successful and to lead a good life - to try to make ourselves into someone different - someone more complete, or more balanced?  I am not against personal growth.  I think it is crucially important to be growing and developing all the time, but to focus that growth on the areas of our weakness is to miss out on our areas of strength - our genius.  Everyone has elements that they are amazingly good at, and others that they are less talented in - would you consider focusing on those areas of talent instead of those areas of weakness?

I came to the conclusion through the study of spiritual growth and development that it is very important to focus on our strengths - that enlightenment is a relaxing into our natural self, and so it can only be achieved through discovering your strengths, not by building on your areas where you have trouble.  Of course along the way we do de

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